Wednesday, May 30, 2007

About me and this blog

I’m known as Etelmik. Most people pronounce that as ETal-mick, but it’s supposed to be “uh-TELL-mick.” I can’t figure out another made up name that doesn’t sound like it came from Greek or Latin. I used to have a different moniker, one I occasionally use.

I am one of those guys in his 20s who goes around saying “man, I’ve been playing games for over 20 years. Ever since I was 5.” That’s when I got an 8-bit Nintendo, and ever since then I have had a keen interest in them. I once took a two-year hiatus from them when I lived in Australia, and another time I took a one-year hiatus from them when trying to reorganize my life. Only one more thing I can say about trying to quit: it’s not good to quit them completely if you’re going to resent others’ playing them and enjoying them. So now, I can go without them for a while, but seriously—I love my games.

The most recent console I’ve owned is an N64, which makes me a dinosaur in the world of consoles. At the moment, I’m not playing console games because I have recently moved and don’t know anyone to play with. Maybe in the future I’ll get back into it.

All gaming money was spent on a PC and accessories and upgrades. I own a modest machine that can play anything. P4, ATI X800 XL card, 2 gigs of RAM. I play WoW, CS: Source, Warcraft 3 and DOTA. I used to play CoD2 and UT2k4, and I’m excited about the Starcraft II announcement.


I’ve almost graduated from college and am currently working for PowerUp Games, a company that enables you to test beta versions of games and gives publishers and developers the chance to get feedback from gamers all over the globe. However, the opinions of this blog are mine and mine alone, not that of PowerUp Games.

I’m a gamer who is interested in a variety of topics. I’m interested in the future of the industry and the success of various consoles and companies. I’m interested in what will become of video games and their relationship to other media and to society. I’m interested to see if politicians will use them as easy targets to boost their reputations as men of change. I’m interested to see what will become of professional video gaming and its audiences. I am interested to see what people have done with games and what they mean to other people and what games are becoming to people.

In short, if it has to do with video games, I’m interested in it. If that’s you, stick around—and make sure to comment!

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