Friday, September 05, 2008

Spore links

Spore is one of the most anticipated games of all time, and certainly one of the most innovative. To anyone with a PC: if you consider PC games as part of the canon, this will be one of the titles of the year that you had to play. Add it to your stack.

Now for links:

Real biologists who are real gamers talk about Spore as a game. Not only about the game itself, but its potential impact on how people view evolution and science. Must read for those who are interested in the topic of "games and society"

Kieron, master of of the universe, gives you the real, almost exhaustive rundown on Spore so you can know what you're getting into.

One of the weirdest and coolest marketing methods I've ever seen. No, not the cool street art in Boston, but a bunch of miscellaneous celebrities' creatures. Melissa Joan Hart and Stan Lee included, if you're into those kind of people.


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