Thursday, June 14, 2007

The types of gamers you meet—part 2

More types of gamers:


Your renaissance gamer is a category rarely recognized, even by themselves, but one that actually exists nonetheless. The renaissance gamer enjoys a variety of gaming experiences. This person may play Defense of the Ancients for Warcraft 3 occasionally in his free time and yet will play Tetris on his mobile phone at a long line at the office (something an elitist would never do—that would distract him and possibly compromise his l33t CS skills).

Your renaissance gamer is another who, at times, considers himself a true gamer. While he appreciates the elitist’s view of perfection, skill, and the quality of a specific game, the renaissance gamer tries new games, new consoles, and occasionally takes a break from the typical games he plays and “relaxes” by playing a low-pressure game on Yahoo! Games or by playing a vintage game on the old SNES he has hooked up (or the SNES emu on his computer)

Your renaissance gamer has tried almost everything and has mixed opinions. He holds no allegiances except to the fact that he enjoys playing games. Renaissance gamers rarely formulate into groups because they can’t become serious enough about the same game at the same time. However, a lot of renaissance gamers play World of Warcraft of another MMORPG in order to have a group to play one game consistently with. Still, many are solitary and play single player, multiplayer, old, new, console, PC, mobile phone, and handheld games all at the same time, or in a rotation.

Where they hang out: anywhere, but they are introverted, and spend a lot of time at home and/or on the Internet

Examples of Games played: All games, especially quality and high-sales games for the PC and console.

What they talk about: video games, technology, science fiction and fantasy novels, movies, funny videos they’ve seen on Youtube.

Mr. Disposable Income

Mr. Disposable Income is a rare breed that may increase as the years go by. A typical Mr. DI is a guy who was a casual gamer and has recently come into a sweet, lucrative job in business somewhere. Because of the need to feel up on pop culture, being able to relate to clientele, and provide entertainment for guests, he buys every single console on the market. He has a Playstation 3, an Xbox 360, and a Wii (he has connections). If he’s heard someone so much as sneeze a game’s name in a conversation at a party or on the subway, he owns it. Maybe, because he feels like it, he’ll own some game he hasn’t heard of. He hasn’t beaten many of them and he doesn’t value them.

Mr. DI is one of those guys who drops off a million games at the game stores so he can get new ones. He is also the first to sell his console on Ebay once it starts to get old. Or his computer.

This guy isn’t so much a gamer, per se, as someone who happens to own and occasionally play video games.

Where they hang out: Barbecues, work parties, regular parties, clubs, restaurants

Examples of Games played: See casual gamer

What they talk about: Marketing, whatever he does for work and what you do for work, networking, whatever the person he is talking to is interested in, kids, miscellaneous



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