Monday, September 08, 2008

Things Muschie says, II

This is regarding the last post.

LameStop: "Would you like the bubble gum pink, or the metallic pink?"

Musch: "The bubble gum."

L: "Oh, that's an old model, they don't make it anymore, I should've checked to see if we still have one; let me go check."


L: "Looks like we don't have bubble gum. Want me to call another one of the stores?"

M: "Yes, please."

L: "Looks like they do have one. It's at the Sugarhouse location--"

Me: "On Highland Drive?"

L: "Yeah, been there?"

Me: "Yeah."

M: "Great!"

Me: "Honey, just so you know, that's the one with the obese guy who you said was rude and weird and leered at you."

M: "Oh." *turns to L* "I guess we'll take the metallic pink." *turns to me* "It's not really pink, it's more like rose."

Me: "I really don't mind going over there so we a better color." (Note: the location is 15-20 minutes from us).

M: "Yeah, but I hate that guy."


Blogger Mitch Krpata said...

I know that feeling. I'll spend actual money on stuff at Best Buy instead of trading games at Gamestop just to avoid some of the people who work there.

2:00 PM  

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