Thursday, August 23, 2007

For all your aches and pains

Man, I want a console.

The last console I got, and I’m embarrassed to admit this…is an N64.

To be fair, I got a new computer in late 2005, and I also updated its video card and RAM. I’ve been playing PC games, but not console games. I’ve never played on the Wii Network or on Xbox live, and I’m torn as to which I would really want. I’m not going to get a PS3—I don’t have the dough and it doesn’t have the games yet.

It’s been ten years since a new system. It’s time for an upgrade. Which to get and how do I afford it…

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Blogger bawb said...

The Wii is the best party console of all time. When the Fobs invited people to our house, we had about twelve people playing Wario Ware at once, and everyone was having a blast.

The Wii online experience is absolutely abysmal, though. Seriously, Friend Codes? You'd have to put a lot of effort in to make a crappier system. Halo pwns.

I don't know which games you'd like more--Metroid combat seems more like traditional frantic shooting games to me than Halo, though obviously it's a "shooting adventure" or whatever. I've heard good things about Bioshock, though.

As far as RPGs . . . well, you can check out Wikipedia: Chronology of Role-Playing Games yourself. But it looks like the 360 has the lead for now, with FFXI and Mass Effect and such. Man, those X-Men RPGs are really fun. I liked the earlier Phantasy Star games I played, and I think I've heard good things about Oblivion.

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