Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bad at Graphic Design, and Like, Graphics and Spying

I'm a big fan of Team Fortress 2. I've written a piece on it for Gamasutra and want to write more on it in the future for a column I'm hoping to join. Also, I've become acutely aware of the lack of graphics on my blog.

One of the most telling things about a TF 2 player is his collection of screenshots. While in the throes of death, the game throws bits of life which, as far as I know, represent the first and only masculine scrapbooking system, each scrapbook a thumb print that represents unconscious, primal, even Freudian perspectives in the scrapbook-maker's soul.

My own large library of photos is a bookshelf I am truly familiar with, tomes that don't represent what I want you to think of me but what I really think about. So what do I think about? For one thing, I just want some regular, "OMG kickass" type shots to prove my scrapbooking is worth looking at. The first thing we can learn from these shots about Etelmik is that he is starved for attention.

Speaking of your attention...

This is one of my favorite standard up-close-and-personal shots.

This is obviously from a server with the melee overtime feature. I think when that happens, strategizing is stupid and you should just enjoy it for the brawl that it is. Of course, we can see here what happens if your team doesn't enjoy that philosophy and the other does.

I've long been of the opinion that pyro is the second-hardest class. This guy makes it look easy.

Snipers have done this to me more times than I want to think about.

This pic represents my spy failure too, but man, what a view.


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