Thursday, April 05, 2012

Molyjam Playthrough 2012

After extensive Googling, I feel confident that about no one has personally played every single one of the Molyjam games, and even more so that no one has written about all of them. I'm going to do that. I have a feature on Snackbar I'm going to be doing on the Molyjam games, of which there are over two hundred. The series at Snackbar starts today and I encourage you to read about my experience with the very first game I played, which is still one of my favorites. Snackbar will feature the "best of Molyjam" in future posts.

But here on my blog will I will write about playing every single Molyjam game. Every single one! No matter how boring it is. I have currently played over a dozen of them. They are hit and miss, but some of them have great ideas that I am convinced could be an element of or even basis for a full retail game.

If you only want to read about the most interesting or good games, just read the Snackbar posts, which I will be linking to from here and on my Twitter account.


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