Tuesday, September 04, 2007


This weekend we taught a primary class (LDS code for "Sunday School for the kids"). Before we broke for class, we were at Sharing Time (LDS code for "all the kids in one big room managed by a handful of women and maybe a man or two".) There was a simple game wherein a lady had a bag with slips of paper on them, with good and bad deeds on them. The kids were told to give thumbs up and thumbs down when the deeds were read. They were enthusiastic about getting it right. "Copying your friend's homework." Ooh, that's bad. How about the next one? "Giving someone a hug." (I'm not making this up, that was the actual phrase.) "Okay, let's be quiet," the lady up front says. "Let's just use our thumbs, okay?"

The next one we got was "be reverent." The response: "YeeeeaaaAAAHHHHH!!!" The loudest yet.

In other news, we've been having some trouble with a few things that we have no control over, so I decided to lay low and concentrate on adding Myspace friends. I was a little down, and just starting a click-fest. Click click click. I needed to do something that wouldn't shoot the gun prematurely, but would still get something done.

Then Myspace deleted it, and I'm trying to get them undelete it, but I don't think it's going to happen. And we had some good friends, a lot of them, and comments, and by the way, have you noticed there are other video games sites with 4,236 friends and they didn't get deleted for spam or whatever?

I lose at the Internet.

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