Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Netflix movies presents: The Juror

My wife, Muschie, has a Netflix list that covers us for over the next year. Somehow, at some point, she gets on certain kicks. One of these is Alec Baldwin. We had Malice show up a few weeks ago, and yesterday we had The Juror. (By the way, is IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes better for linking movies that you don't know about?)

I won't give an overview of the plot, because you can find it elsewhere. I rarely get drawn into movies, and even though this was a bad one, it still drew me in. Part of it is that Alec Baldwin's character wasn't so vanilla as Demi Moore's as the protagonist or Anne Heche's as the friend.

I think the way in which he was crazy and his style of evil was unique enough to keep me watching. Even though the movie is more or less predictable, it at least leaves you interested enough to wonder "how", even if not the what. The end of the trial occurs 75 minutes into a 115 minute movie. That part of the movie could have been shortened, but overall, when Baldwin bites the dust, there' s a certain satisfaction to it. If you're checking out common 90's thrillers, give this one a whirl, but remember that it's mostly forgettable.



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