Tuesday, May 27, 2008

World of Warcraft and Sex

Today I got something humorous from my wife. It reads:

"I love you.

What are you doing today? Writing a book? Looking for a job? Doing laundry? Washing the counters, stove, refrigerator, and floor? Playing video games (not [World of Warcraft])? Reading a book? Writing articles? Blogging?"

The first funny thing is the not-unjustified insinuation that I could be expected to be doing any of these things while she's at work. Second is the fact that I couldn't be playing WoW without her. Third is the fact that I am indeed allowed to do any of those things while she's at work, including playing video games, as long as it isn't World of Warcraft.

I thought for a brief moment about it, though I hadn't until this email: yes. Yes, I am looking forward to her getting home so we can play together. Then I realized how riotously funny that must seem.

Baby, I promise that WoW is only about you and me. It's just, uh, I do need another 70 or so pieces of rugged leather. And we already spent 2 hours on that damned yeti quest in Winterspring. And it's a gold a piece on the Auction house. Maybe I could...?


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