Thursday, March 19, 2009


There is not much in the way of news. I have applied for a blogging position that may or may not pay, but would bring the prestige regardless. A few of you may not which position I speak of. There's nothing else to publicly say on that.

Games--well, poor 'ole Snackbar had its only advertiser withdraw. The recession has even hit what few free games we (I) were (was) getting. But, I have received some DS games, some of which are awesome, and some of which are not. One of these is Retro Game Challenge. If you haven't heard of it yet, I think my review will turn out pretty well. Look for reviews of that and a couple of other games to come soon on Snackbar.

I've mainly been laying low because 1. I haven't gotten many new games and 2. Most of the places I've pinged have ended in rejection or "looks good, but we're pretty full." There's very little open to anyone, freelancer or non. That's not news. I'm just saying that that's why I'm more sporadic and less consistent. I'm still lurking, still reading, and still keeping tabs.

Oh, and I was laid off from my job in January, so I've had more important things. Also, my 360 red ringed the day I got SF IV, which was soon after I got laid off. Also, we're moving to another apartment in about a month.

Economics and life leave me with little to say, but I've not gone away.