Monday, June 09, 2008

Achievements: telling us how to play and why

First Valve and TF 2, now somewhere else that is...big. It seems that the lasting legacy that Microsoft brings is not going to be Halo or its spawned ilk, not some other game or franchise, and not any new technology or innovative hardware or gameplay.

View it and weep.

(I heard this was from the World of Raids forums, but I can't see it in there anywhere. Someone typed in " /achievements " in the Wrath of the Lich King alpha server. Oy vey.)

The crazy thing to me is that much of this is already trackable, before they had the achievements.


Blogger Ammon said...

Achievements are awesome. The PS3 doesn't have those yet, and it's the only thing that draws me away from the PS3 towards the 360. I love feeling that I've accomplished somthing that the game creators thought would be important. "Who are they to tell me how to play the game!", is what I think when I look at the list of unlockable achievements, but when the pop-up tells me I've unlocked one, I feel GOOD! COD4 included those as "Perks" that could be unlocked during online gameplay, allow for weapon and skill upgrades. Even games on the iPhone have incorporated it now. I love the virtual pat on the back for just playing a game.

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