Monday, June 02, 2008

Valve: "There's nothing wrong with the PC as a platform. Also, can someone else please do a good job of saying this?"

I'm a huge TF 2 fan, so it of course follows I'm part of the Steam and Valve legion. Last week Valve held a small press event in which Gabe Newell and others spoke on the PC as a gaming platform. The contents of this meeting reveal Valve's atypical view of responsibility to gaming as an industry and medium, rather than just simply their investors.

You'll of course need to read the whole thing; I'm not here to tell you the only important parts. I hate secondary news writing that consists of a writer condensing a writer's condensing of an event. What's that? Press releases? Digital news can't possibly be done that way?

Okay, so the best part is how Valve has admitted that they have become the unofficial champions of PC gaming. They did not ask for it, and they say so. They could be cocky about it, and yet, in this cock-driven industry where there is a rare opportunity for justified cockiness, they take the responsible route. Instead of saying "we shouldn't be the champions, don't stick this on us" or "okay, we're awesome, put more games on Steam!", they say "Well, we're part of it, and intend to keep championing PC gaming, but there are other people who should be here with us."

Way to take the true high road, Valve--not deferring responsibility nor taking all glory, but taking some of both when expected to and inviting others to do the same. The industry could use more of this.


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